Organizational Effectiveness

Do your organizational strategies support your vision and goals?

A good strategic plan is just the beginning. A well-structured organization, combined with a high performance culture, is critically important in efficiently delivering replicable and sustained results. Without an aligned organization, success can be inconsistent and harder to generate. We use proven processes, tailored to your organization’s specific needs, in the key areas that lead to organizational effectiveness: Cultural Alignment, Organization Design, Performance Management, Change Management, and Succession Planning & Talent Development.

Culture Alignment

“Culture trumps strategy every time.”

An organization’s culture impacts the ability to generate sustained results. You can have the very best strategy, but if you don’t have the right culture, your implementation will be ineffective. We work with your executive team to evaluate your current culture, identify your desired culture, and craft the process that will move your organization towards the optimal state. In this process, we engage your organization’s high potential individuals, who are well suited to move the new culture forward. You will create feedback loops, designed to ensure ongoing re-calibration, taking the ever-changing internal and external environment into account.

Organization Design

If your organization is not properly designed and aligned to support your vision and strategies, success can be elusive. Initial successes are often not sustainable, as over time, underlying and often unrecognized driving forces in the organization drive behavior that does not support desired results. We work with leadership teams to diagnose these dysfunctional patterns and create optimal structures that support your strategies. We identify and design roles that clearly delineate what is required of each position and map out the interdependencies between different positions and areas of the organization.  We assist you in ensuring that the right people are in the right roles and develop processes that ensure this match going forward. We guide your leaders in communicating the new structures to the entire organization in a way that builds excitement and alignment across the organization.

Performance Management

The Dandavati Group designs customized performance management systems that are tailored to your organization’s culture and support your overall goals and strategies. As much as possible, we integrate the systems and tools you already have in place. If performance management is new to your organization, we work directly with your leaders and design a system that is effectively and efficiently tailored to meet your unique needs, from setting expectations and aligning goals, to salary surveys, development planning, and evaluating performance. The performance management system is designed to support the execution of your business strategy, reinforce cultural norms and values, and provide transparency and accountability at the right levels. Once designed, we provide exceptional training that equips your leaders with the skills and confidence to gain buy-in from their teams while instilling accountability and driving for results.

Change Management

‘There’s no reason to change unless there is a good reason to change.’  Often, change management efforts are not clearly motivated and soon run out of steam. They can become ‘flavor of the year’ efforts that actually are counterproductive.  Our experienced team works with you to first clarify the motivations and desired outcomes.  Based on the overall direction and your organizational strategies, we work with your executive team to set up the optimum structures and game-plans that will bring about the highest amount of desired change with the least amount of disruption to the organization. We ensure clear communication at all levels about the need for change, its impact and benefits, as well as the vital role each individual plays in the future of the organization.

Succession Planning & Talent Development

Each organization’s future talent needs are unique, and a well-designed succession management process begins with clarification of the organization’s vision, strategy, values, and culture.  This determines what skills will be needed to fill future leadership positions and what the key levers will be to accelerate organizational performance at all levels.

Using validated tools, we assist and train your leaders in identifying the organization’s top talent.  We help you prepare customized development strategies to grow your best people, increasing your capacity each year of ‘ready now’ leaders.

We invite you to contact us to see how we might support your organization’s effectiveness and capacity to grow.