Every organization is unique and different. Under the umbrella of our unique, proprietary program, we develop customized approaches to your individual business or non-profit. We are experts in:

We partner with you to assess your specific needs and align your vision, strategy, leadership, structures, talent, resources and game-plan to grow your financial results in sustainable ways.

Fundamental to our approach is the field of structural dynamics, the work of Robert Fritz, which is anchored by his model of ‘structural tension.’ According to Fritz, “Structural tension produces advancement in an organization because of the organizational behaviors it promotes: goals are interrelated, reality is seen objectively, and adjustments to plans and organizational learning become the norm.” We help orchestrate this ‘tension’ in all of our work. This has led to repeatable, sustainable results. 

The Dandavati Group has a wide variety of offerings designed to help your organization grow. Contact us to see how we might design a unique program to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Strategic Planning

    Structured for Growth™

    Our unique program is designed to create replicable and scalable success.  Our expertise is in facilitating dynamic strategies and plans that lead your organization toward your vision and goals…plans that your leaders create, with which they are aligned, and which they own!  We help you develop a game plan for implementation and accountability.

  • Organizational Effectiveness

    Your organization may have great business strategies, but a lack of organizational structure and a strong culture can thwart the best laid plans. The Dandavati Group understands what it takes to create an organization that is optimally designed to support your current and future organizational vision. We partner with you to identify your organization’s values and assist you in building or strengthening a culture that lives those values and achieves your strategic objectives.

    We assist you in creating and implementing customized Performance Management Systems that drive accountability, effectively evaluate performance, drive the development planning process and are geared to achieve your organization’s results.

    We also work with your leadership team to create and implement organization-wide change management initiatives that encompass the entire organization to successfully support strategic objectives and the overall vision for the future success of the organization. 

    As your organization looks to thrive in the years to come, we support you with a rigorous succession planning process that is aimed at ensuring that you will have the right talent to lead and support your organization in the years to come. 

  • Leadership Development

    As organizations struggle to grow revenues and build innovative strategies and unique capabilities in order to thrive in this fast changing economic environment, it is increasingly important to continually grow the bench strength of leaders at all levels of the organization.

    Based on the match between your organization's current and future needs and your leaders’ competencies and capabilities, we build customized development plans, which help leaders to achieve the organization’s aspirations for the future. We are experts at designing development processes that equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be successful and create a talent pipeline to ensure your organization’s success. 

  • Non-Profit Strategies

    Our individual offerings are geared to address specific key needs of an organization and our comprehensive program, Structured for Growth™, addresses an organization’s growth strategy in a complete and holistic manner.