Non-Profit Strategies

Our individual offerings are geared to address specific key needs of an organization and our comprehensive program, Structured for Growth™, addresses an organization’s growth strategy in a complete and holistic manner. 

Strategic Planning

The Structured for Growth™ Program

This comprehensive program provides the organization and its leadership with a solid understanding of all the driving forces impacting the organization today, establishes a clearly defined and shared long term vision and strategy and a realistic roadmap that leads to goal achievement. Your organization’s leaders and board members will walk away with a clear direction and avenues for achievement of your goals.

The Structured for Growth Assessment 

Is your team aware of ALL the factors impacting your organization’s capacity to grow? - An objective assessment of your organization’s current reality is the foundation of great strategic planning. We explore key internal and external factors and create a snapshot of the organization’s current capacity for growth.  This provides leadership with clarity about key drivers that support or detract from the organization’s viability and growth.

Financial Analysis

Is your non-profit financially sound?  Is it positioned for growth? - Our expert and objective assessment of the financial strength of your organization provides clarity about key indicators of future trends.

Board and Leadership Development Offerings

The Board Effectiveness Optimizer 

Is your board as effective as it could be? - We assist you in creating a framework for establishing shared expectations and clear performance measurements for your Board and leadership team, maximizing individual and collective performance to achieve the non-profit’s mission.

The Team Effectiveness Advantage  

Do you have the right people in the right seats? Are they effective as a team? - Having individual team members’ unique strengths and abilities matched to the right roles within your organization can be instrumental in your success. We assist you in creating productive and successful teams to meet and exceed your non-profit’s goals.

The ‘On Board’ Accelerator  

Will your board members hit the ground running? - Tailored to your specific organization, we create a New Member Orientation designed to facilitate immediate engagement of new board members and uniform understanding of roles and responsibilities.

The Leadership Performance Template  

Does your Chief Executive have a clear set of expectations from the Board? - The Leadership Performance Template provides a framework to assist the Board in establishing clear, shared expectations between the Board and the CEO/Executive Director. This process provides alignment and a clear structure for evaluating leadership.

The Leadership Pipeline Builder  

Are your leaders ready to move your organization into the future? - Using validated leadership competency data in combination with your organization’s culture and leadership needs, we create a framework for building leadership competencies and capabilities. This includes clearly defined requirements for a given leadership position and development plans for individual leaders.

Sustainability Strategies

Mission and Values in Action  

Do all of your programs/offerings further your mission and vision? - We assist in clarifying program effectiveness and identifying where the organization meets or exceeds its targets and where improvement is needed.

The Business – Non Profit Partnership Builder  

How could your organization thrive with a non profit – business partnership? - Aligning non-profit and business interests and intentions can be of great benefit for both organizations. We assist you in defining the match and creating a strategy to approach desirable candidates.

The Implementation and Accountability Maximizer  

Do you have great plans that just sit on the shelf? - Creating a culture of accountability and a specific framework holds people accountable to organizational goals. Central to this process is a unified understanding of organizational intent and expectations.

The Transparency Advantage  

What impact could more transparency have on stimulating greater donor investment and involvement? - We assist you in creating a clear definition of how more transparency would optimally support your organization’s goals. Based on this process, we create transparency templates that are a match to your organization’s culture and help you achieve your goals.

The Volunteer Aligner  

Are your volunteers as aligned, engaged and productive as they could be? - This process creates a framework for volunteers to get involved in an effective way to accomplish the vision and mission.

Strategy for Sustainability 

Is your organization clear about your optimal strategy for viability and growth? - We help you develop a Strategic Plan with a high powered vision and clear strategies for meeting your constituent needs and building donor allegiance.

We have unique experience with non-profits and a proven process to help you with your goals. Call us to discuss how we can help your organization.