Leadership Development

Are your leaders and teams prepared?

As your organization grows, your leaders need to expand their capacity to take your business or non-profit to the next level. We design and deliver unique and proven development processes which equip the seasoned leader with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be successful and create the leadership pipeline necessary to ensure your organization’s sustainability over time.

Leadership Assessment

We help your leaders identify and explore their unique abilities and core competencies and learn how to build on them. We use state-of-the-art assessment tools, including 360° Feedback, to assist in the identification of both strengths and areas of development needed. The combination of assessment, feedback, highly-skilled executive coaching, and action plans will help your leaders grow and your organization succeed. 

Leadership Competency Development

The behaviors and competencies required for success in a leadership role in a large non-profit, a consumer products company, a manufacturing firm, a high tech organization, or a financial institution will vary greatly.  Which are right for you and your organization?  We facilitate in-depth dialogue and provide leading edge tools to determine what it takes to be successful in your organization. Your leaders will gain a clear and consistent understanding of what’s important and will be able to design development plans that match their competencies to the needs of their respective leadership roles.

Board and Executive Team Alignment

The effectiveness of non-profit as well as for-profit boards depends on two things: how well they are aligned internally and how well they are aligned with the organizations they serve. Our proven process focuses on establishing or strengthening a clearly defined, shared vision for your board and organization.  With this shared vision and consensus on your organization’s current state in relationship to the vision, strategic objectives are set in support of achieving your goals. This process closely mirrors our strategic planning process with particular focus on clarification of each board or executive team member’s roles and responsibilities in forging the future of your organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps your leaders grow to meet future challenges and contribute to the organization’s success. One-on-one coaching provides detailed feedback and development plans relating to real time issues in your organization. Your leaders will develop more quickly and become more valuable to your organization.

We are experts in the people side of your organization. Please contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of your organization’s talent.