Why us?

Our Philosophy

After almost 20 years of helping organizations grow profitably and sustainably, we’ve observed that success is predictable when you are doing the ‘right’ things. Teams and organizations can create repeatable, predictable, and often superior results when they have:

  • The right leadership and capacity,
  • A clear vision about and commitment to where they are going,
  • A winning strategy to get there, and
  • An aligned team that gets things done.

Over time, these results add up to an extraordinary track record of success. We have the experience and tools to help set up your organization for sustainable success.

Our Approach

We are experts at quickly and efficiently understanding the key driving forces impacting your organization.

  • We help you understand the truth about the current state of your organization. Reality is the best foundation on which to build.
  • We help your team to create practical, achievable plans that you can implement right away. No pretty binders that sit on a shelf!
  • We bring discipline, structure and a repeatable program for success.
  • We are experts at bringing the best out of your people. The best plans can go awry if your people are not on board.

Our approach is, in a word: Strategic. Organizations often make changes that either don’t stick or make things worse.  Why? They don’t always consider what is driving what. Our strategic framework does!

A specific, multi-year Vision, along with Mission and Values, are the major drivers of sustainable success within most organizations. These, in turn, provide focus to Business Strategies for viability and success in a competitive marketplace. Marketing, Sales, Management, and Operational priorities must support the Business Strategy and Vision. Furthermore, the people and the organization need to be aligned with the higher-level driving forces for businesses and non-profits to thrive in sustainable ways.

Our Commitment

The Dandavati Group is committed to the following:

  • We will tell you the truth in a way you can use it.
  • We will partner with you to help you create sustainable results… we make you look good!
  • We will work efficiently and quickly. We know how valuable your time is.
  • We will always do what’s in the best interest of your organization. We don’t believe in expediency.

We invite you to work with us . . .    

You will not be disappointed!

Our History

The Dandavati Group was founded by Kumar Dandavati in 1994, out of a passion for helping individuals and organizations create their desired futures consistently and sustainably. Since then, we have built a track record of success with dozens of satisfied clients. The vast majority of our clients find our services valuable enough to re-engage us year after year to support them in getting to the next level. We’re in it for the long haul with you.