Strategic Planning

Are your people, plans, and resources aligned?

Structured for Growth™

Our unique Structured for Growth™ program is designed to create replicable and scalable success. Our expertise is in facilitating dynamic strategies and plans that lead your organization toward your vision and goals…plans that your leaders create, with which they are aligned, and which they own!  We help you develop a game plan for implementation and accountability.

Current Reality

Current Reality Analysis

This offering includes brief, yet highly efficient interviews of your leadership team and stakeholders. We arrive at an understanding of how your business or non-profit works, your key people and their ability to grow to the next level, as well as other significant, often hidden, driving forces and dynamics within the organization. This objective, high-level analysis of your organization is foundational in designing a customized strategy process that is efficient and achieves the desired results.

Organization Environment Profile

Business Environment Profile

We facilitate your leaders in an objective understanding of the external and internal environment, which impacts your business or non-profit. This process includes an understanding of your offerings, customers, markets, ‘sweet spots,’ strategic competencies, external and internal opportunities, competition and other driving forces. This profile is designed to identify key data that needs to be gathered prior to the vision/strategy retreat in order to make good strategic choices and decisions. In addition, we can interview a sampling of your key customers/clients, which often provides invaluable, objective input into your strategy process.

Vision, Mission and Values Clarification

Having clarity and alignment around your organization’s vision, mission and values is not a luxury…it is an imperative. We are experts at facilitating your leadership’s vision about the direction and focus of your organization several years into the future. Through a collaborative process, vision, mission and values are clarified, articulated and ‘owned’ by leadership, setting the stage for alignment throughout the organization. We work with you to disseminate these driving forces throughout the organization, consistently and sustainably.

Winning Strategy Development

Strategy is as much an art as it is a science. Through discussion, dialog, a series of questions, and the use of strategy tools, along with hard data gathered prior to this process, a winning strategy is developed by your team.  This strategy ensures viability, sustainability and success. This process also elevates the strategic thinking skills of your entire leadership team, so that it is not just the executive team thinking about strategy, it’s a broader management group.

Strategic Objectives

A clearly articulated, multi-year vision, along with a winning strategy, are translated by your team into specific, well-defined strategic objectives. These objectives are arrived at through a collaborative process and help define the key imperatives in the short-term and medium-term, which lead you toward your vision. These objectives then drive the development of clear metrics and accountability. Depending on your annual budget cycle, these objectives and the operational plans that result from them can be integrated into the budgetary process.

Strategic Check-Ins

Back on Track Accelerator

As you might have observed, the world changes constantly. This pace of change is accelerating in most arenas. A strategy and plan developed just three months prior may already be outdated today. Through this program we facilitate periodic strategic check-ins, during which external and internal changes are assessed, and course corrections are made. Check-ins ensure that your team is continually in tune with changing forces and reality, and that they react and adjust course as needed. These meetings are also powerful at reminding teams about their vision and re-energizing leadership and their efforts.

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